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A Case Study of Amenorrhea Treated with Acupuncture

Victoria Szafranska*, Lauren Murphy, Bin Xu*, Jason Park, Ting Feng and Yemeng Chen

New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 200 Old Country Road, Suite 500, Mineola, NY 11501, USA


Women with post-pill amenorrhea with no underlying condition are not offered many, if any, treatment options and have to wait until their body returns to normal. A 26-year-old female presented with amenorrhea of three years duration after getting off of birth control which she had been previously taking consistently for seven years, from 17 until the age of 23. Her lab test results were unremarkable, and her primary care physician had not offered her any treatment options. Based on her TCM diagnosis, she started receiving weekly acupuncture treatments, beginning in July 2019, using the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture points and Master Tung’s points, chosen for their specific properties. The patient’s prognosis was good and the patient’s menstrual cycle returned after the third session. Even though our case study represents one patient’s experience, the return of her menstrual cycle warrants additional research into the use of Master Tung’s points for the treatment of amenorrhea.

Acupuncture; Case study; Amenorrhea
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