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A Case of Recurrent Giant Malignant Melanoma of Eyelid with Orbital Infiltration

Du Fusheng1*, Du Yanping1 and Ping Jiejie2

1Department of Ophthalmology, The First People’s Hospital of Anning, Anning 650300, China
2Yunnan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kunming 650021, China


Objective: To report a case of “recurrent giant malignant melanoma of the right eyelid” in May 2019.

Methods: The patient was found to have a recurrence of a huge mass in the right eyelid, which was surgically removed after admission, and histopathological section was given to confirm the diagnosis.

Results: CT and histopathological sections were used to finally diagnose the recurrence of giant malignant melanoma of the right eyelid, which prevented the further deterioration of the disease.

Conclusion: For this disease, it is easy to diagnose and treat early, and the disease is highly malignant, and it is easy to metastasize to the brain, liver and bone through blood and/or lymph nodes, and it is easy to recur. Therefore, the primary tumor should be enlarged during the operation. After resection, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be combined according to the situation after operation, and it is particularly important to do postoperative observation and follow-up.

Melanoma; Tumor
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