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Role of Aroma Therapy in Stress Reduction

Balaji Deekshitulu P.V

Guest Lecturer in Psychology & Counseling Psychologist and Alt. Medicine(Homeo) Practitioner, Tirupati, India


Stress is a Sudden Biological Change. It can disturb any one’s physical, mental, emotional and behavioral balance. Stress can damage different parts of human body from muscles from tissues to organs and blood vessels. It can speed up pulse rate and respiration. It can raise blood pressure and body temperature. It can also interfere with the body metabolism, digestion, appetite, sleep, sexuality and even fertility. Aroma therapy can be used for reduction of stress and promotion of happiness. Studies have shown that Aroma can have beneficial effects on the health of the body as well as positive results in stress reduction levels. Aroma has become an important tool in today’s stressed out society.


Aroma therapy, Stress, Remedies of aroma

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