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Asian Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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Reflections on homeopathic practice in the 21st Century

Steven Kayne

Consultant Homeopathic Pharmacist and Homeopathic Practitioner Glasgow, Scotland


Homeopathy has survived the test of time over more than 200 years and has been widely accepted by consumers and practitioners as being an important constituent part of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. However, despite continuing demand from satisfied consumers, it is now at a crossroads and demand is faltering in some countries, due to the actions of Regulatory Authorities influenced by scientific advisors. In the UK the provision of homeopathy has been largely removed from the National Health Service. This paper considers how certain historical ideas and practices have changed since Samuel Hahnemann popularised homeopathy in 1798 and poses the question as to whether the Founder would have approved of these developments. Further, it identifies paradigms and perceived deficiencies in the evidence for certain homeopathic procedures that together provide obstacles to the wider acceptance of the discipline in complementing orthodox health provision.

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