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Prevalence, prevention and management of Diabetes mellitus (Madhumeha) in Gulf countries

Abhishek Srivastava ( Dr.)1, Shipra Srivastava( Dr.)1, Alka Ahuja( Dr.)2

1Sri Sri Ayurveda, Muscat, Oman

2Oman Medical College, Muscat, Oman


Diabetes mellitus is characterized by high blood sugar levels. Different types of diabetes are discussed in the present article. This disease has high prevalence in GCC countries and a major contributor to this disease is obesity and life style. Various life style modifications and diet control can help in reducing this disease. A number of exercises and herbal remedies have been found useful and are discussed in detail in the chapter. Various therapies are also helpful in controlling diabetes. The article also discusses role of several postures, breathing techniques and meditations which are helpful in controlling stress and give relaxation.


Diabetes mellitus

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