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Potentized drugs can regress post-operative recurrent Granuloma tissue growth in the Pinna of the right ear

Sasmal, Riya Dutta, Rathin Chakravarty, Sandhimita Mondal

Molecular Homeopathic Research Unit, Dr. Bholanath Chakravarty Memorial Trust, 30, Chowringhee, Kolkata-700016.


Granuloma is the pre stage of the malignant cancer. Different types of treatment available for the granuloma growth, but effect of this treatment temporary, it can come back again. There exist a large volume of evidences in support of the effect of homeopathic potencies on man, animals, and plants without any side effect. In the present study, a one and half years old baby boy came at our clinic with granuloma tissue growth in the pinna of the right ear on 23/4/12. This growth was operated once previously, but it has been relapsed again. The case was successfully treated with potentized Nux vom (a homeopathic medicine from poison nut), Acid nitricum (a homeopathic medicine from nitric acid), Sulphur (a homeopathic medicine from sulphur) and Merc sulph (a homeopathic medicine from Turpethum minerale). Homeopathic treatment was started after details case taking. Granuloma growth has been totally regressed after the drugs treatment.


Granuloma growth, Nux vom, Sulphur, Acid Nitric, Merc sulph

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