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Mindful Sauna Practice Alleviates Allergic Symptoms

Lassi A Liikkanen & Aalto University, Espoo, Finland


Allergies, asthma, and skin diseases follow us to the sauna and influence how we bathe. Based on this new study, sauna also has an effect on these conditions. Saunologia conducted an electronic pilot survey (N=84) in the Fall 2021. It was discovered that many Finns receive relieve to their conditions from sauna, but under some circumstances sauna can also provoke new symptoms and make one feel worse. Based on the initial results, positive effects seem to prevail over negative ones as about half of the respondents enjoyed the sauna because of the health benefits. Several informants had bad experiences from sauna. Based on their reports, many undesired experiences could be avoided by paying attention to sauna conditions and the proceedings such as the technical functionality, moderate temperature, and quality of water. This pilot motivates further research into the topic and emphasizes the need to focus on select conditions as asthma, atopic skin, and allergies each seem to have different response to and requirements for sauna.

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