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Exploring Guar Gum: Dietary Adjunct to Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Priyanka Purohit and Brahmeshwar Mishra

Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering & Technology , IIT BHU VARANASI


Guar gum is the complex polysaccharides composed of galactomannans and is obtained from the endosperm of the seed of the guar plant, Cyamopsis tetragonaloba (L) Taub. (syn. Cyamopsis psoraloides). The hydroxyl groups in polymer is responsible for gelling, emulsifying, film forming etc, properties which make it a suitable excipient in many industries like cosmetics, food, medical and drug delivery. This review aims to describe the recent developments of guar gum based drug delivery system. The medicinal and therapeutic properties of soluble dietary fiber of guar gum is reported to improve the serum biochemical profile of human and non-human primates, reduce total serum cholesterol and the management of glycemic indices and obesity. Due to its fascinating properties it is used as a rheological modifier in food, pharmaceutical, paper, textile and other industrial and commercial sectors. Guar gum has high drug loading capacity, biocompatibility and biodegradability which are the key points to design a drug delivery system effectively.


Guar gum, Biodegradable, Controlled drug delivery system.

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