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Effect of chanting ‘Vitthal’ on Heart: A Clinical Study

Prasad Joshi*, Avinash Inamdar1, Sanjivani Inamdar2, Ravi Prayag3, Jyuthica K Laghate4, Bhagyashree Nilkanth5

*Director,Ved-Vidyan Research Centre,Pune.

1,2Director, The Inamdar Heart Clinic, Pune.

3HOD,Community Medicine; MIMER Medical College ,Talegaon,Pune.

4HOD, Research and Development,Vishwanand Kendra.

5Researcher,Institute of Biofield Sciences,Pune.


The present study aims to explore the effect of chanting Vitthal on various heart parameters and energy of Heart Chakra. According to ancient Sanskrit language science, Yogic chakra concept and Ayurveda ,Vitthal has connection with Heart Chakra. The study was conducted on 30 healthy volunteers and baseline screening was done using parameters like Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Pulse Pressure Product, Heart Rate, and Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction. Energy profiling of Heart chakra was done using Biofield viewer and Electroscanning method. The results showed statistically significant differences at 5% significance in Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Pulse rate, Pulse Pressure Product, Ejection Fraction as well as energy values before and after chanting Vitthal for 9 minutes once as a part of study intervention. There were statistically significant increase in Green Pixel Parameter which is the colour energy of Heart Chakra. As far as the cardiac parameters, the study revealed that the chanting helped in improving the pumping action of the heart as suggestive of Ejection Fraction as well as regulating the Blood Pressure, Pulse, Heart rate and Pulse Pressure Product. It can be concluded ,that chanting “Vitthal” has beneficial action on physiologic activity and energy of Heart and Heart Chakra.


Effect of chanting, Heart, Heart Chakra, Electroscanning method.

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