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Chemopreventive and anticarcinogenic effect of Kamdhenu Ark in experimental mice

Agrawal, R.C, Padole, S and Maheshwari,S.K

1Department of Research, Priyamvada Birla Cancer Research Institute, Satna Madhya Pradesh, India

2Jawahar 1a1 Nehru Cancer Hospital, Bhopal


The aim of study to evaluate anticarcinogenic and antimutagenic activity of Kamdhenu Ark (DCU) in experimental animal. The anticarcinogenic activity was evaluated using 2 stage protocol of mouse skin carcinogenesis and melanoma tumour model. The antimutagenicity was studied by the prevention of micronucleus formation in bone marrow cells of mice.

Animals of Group- V (control) in which a single topical application of DMBA, followed by croton oil produced skin papillomas, which started appearing from the 5th week onwards. The incidence in DMBA/croton oil treated mice (carcinogen control) reached 100% by the termination of the experiment (i.e. 16 weeks). Significant prevention of tumor incidences was observed in the Kamdhenu Art (DCU) treated experimental groups (48 % & 30 % in group V & VI) as compared to carcinogen control (100 %) group. The cumulative number of papillomas was also reduced in the Kamdhenu Ark treated experimental groups (14 & 19 in group V & VI) as compared to carcinogen control (27) group. In melanoma tumour model, In group I no treatment was given and observed 100 % tumour incidence. In group II cyclophosphamide was given at the dose of 80 mg/kg. The tumour size was observed 1774 mm 2 as compared to group III and IV 1509 and 910 mm which received the treatment of DCU alone and DCU + cyclophosphamide at the dose of 0.2 ml/mice. The induction of micronuclei formation by cyclophosphamide was significantly inhibited when the animals were given single application of DCU (distilled cow urine) at the different volume of 0.2, 0.4 & 0.6 /mice in different group of mice 24 hours before the cyclophosphamide treatment. A single application of DCU at the dose of 0, 8 ml/mice has no effect of the induction of micronuclei as compared to solvent control. In our study the tumour preventive effect of Kamdhenu Ark was observed in Papilloma & melanoma tumour model. The prevention of micronucleus formation was also observed in bone marrow cells of mice. The present study may advocate the use of Kamdhenu Ark as adjuvant in the chemoprevention of Cancer.


papilloma, DMBA, Melanoma ,Micronucleus.

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