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Body NPI Dimensions, the Neural, Perfusional, and Interconnective Matrix

YU, Edwin Chau-Leung

FHKAM, FHKCP, FRCP(Glas), Croucher Fellow, Adjunct Professor, Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Director, Intemed Hong Kong


A sustainable body with biological robustness for life is subsumed as it develops with evolutionarily conserved embryogenetic and organogenetic mechanisms. The neural, perfusional, and interconnective elements (NPI) as three dimensions in the contextual assembly of the body provide a basic adaptive mutually sustaining matrix. The fascial connective tissues stabilize and facilitate external-internal body formation while the neural and vascular elements, co-directed since early development, adapt flexibly for new changes over the preset life unit. The interactive array of body NPI dimensions has all along been underemphasized. This paper makes a short description of the makeup of this complex.

Body NPI dimensions; Fascia; Connective tissue; Neuro-vascular complexity; Robustness
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