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A prospective, single arm study: To evaluate the efficacy of Majun kundur in the management of Stress urinary incontinence

Fazly shakoor,Wajeeha begum, Iram naaz, Misba naim

National institute of unani medicine bangalore, INDIA


Purpose- Stress urinary incontinence common in women of all ages, and billions of dollars are spent each year to correct the condition and improve quality of life. It is today’s need to explore the treatment option through traditional medicine system. Considering this, the study was carried out to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Majun kundur in stress urinary incontinence.

Material & Methods: This was a prospective, open-label, single-arm clinical study with women who have SUI to compared efficacy of Majun kundur before and after treatment. All patients (n=30) received Majun kundur 5gm with water twice a day for 8 weeks.

The primary outcome measure was change in subjective parameter i.e. International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire Urinary Incontinence Short Form (ICIQ-UI SF), and secondary outcome measure was change in objective parameters i.e. stress test and PERFECT score.

Results: SUI is significantly improved after intervention. There is strongly significant improvement in ICIQ score i.e. 13.80±2.30 before and 3.20±2.62 after the intervention with P<0.001.PERFECT score has shown highly significant change before and after the treatment with P<0.001. Stress test was positive in 30(100%) of patients before intervention, where as it was positive in only 3(10%) after intervention which is more significant with P<0.0001.

Conclusion: Test drug provide statistically highly significant improvement in stress urinary incontinence. It can be the alternative treatment for SUI. Further research in large sample size is advisable with prolongation of intervention.


Majune kundur, PERFECT score, Quality of life, Salas al-bawl, Stress test, Stress urinary incontinence

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